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Keyboard shortcuts Edit

October 2012: The shortcuts below apply to the (nowadays) normal interface from 2008, which was rolled out as standard interface in 2009. In december 2011 work on a new interface was started on, see, which will become the "new" interface eventually.

Some of the shortcuts shown below still work on the 2012-beta-interface. See KeyboardShortcuts for the new keyboard shortcuts as of 2012.

Most important keys Edit

If you don't want to remember many keyboard shortcuts, then we recommend remembering just the following five keys:

  • j = next (mailbox/message read)
  • k = previous (mailbox/message read)
  • Enter = read message (mailbox)
  • u = back up to mailbox (message read) or refresh (mailbox)
  • . (fullstop) = action menu (mailbox/message read)

These alone will massively increase your productivity.

After those, I'd recommend remembering:

  • x = select message (mailbox)
  • c = go to compose screen (anywhere)
  • r = reply to message (message read)
  • / = go to search box (mailbox/message read)
  • shift-x - select messages between current and last selected (mailbox)

Disabling Edit

The Options -> Account Preferences screen will let you disable keyboard shortcuts altogether if you don't want them (eg you use Firefox type ahead find).

If you do disable keyboard shortcuts, then we still install one special shortcuts, ctrl-space, this will bring up the action menu (same as .) on the mailbox and message read screens.

Details Edit

Next to each shortcut is a list of screens it applies to:

  • M = mailbox screen
  • R = message read screen
  • C = contacts/address book
  • A = "all" screens (where nav links appear)

Move between screen commands Edit

  • m - goto mailbox (A)
  • c - goto compose (A)
  • b - goto address book (A)
  • n - goto notepad (A)
  • f - goto files (A)

Sidebar commands Edit

  • / - goto search box (MRC)
  • Ctrl-. - toggle All checkbox (when focus is on search box)
  • Ctrl-/ - clear search (if one present)
  • , - goto folder search (MR) - Once in the folder search, use up/down arrow to select a folder, or type to search for folders in folder list. Once a folder is selected, use "Enter" to goto that folder, Alt-Enter to move message message(s) to that folder, Ctrl-Alt-Enter to copy message(s) to that folder
  • . - show action menu (MR) - Once shown, use arrow keys or shortcut keys to select items

Common message read/mailbox commands Edit

  • j - next message (MRC) (eg for default sort, that's "older" message)
  • k - previous message (MRC) (eg for default sort, that's "newer" message)
  • o/Enter - read message (M)
  • Ctrl-Enter - read message in a new window/tab (only works in some browsers)
  • x - select message/contact (MC)
  • shift-x - select messages between current and last selected (M)
  •  ! - report message as spam (MR)
  1. - delete message/selected messages (MR)
  •  % - delete message/selected messages permanently (M)
  • Rob - I changed this on 21-Jan-09 to make it what i believe is more consistent. ! (shift-1), # (shift-3) and % (shift-5) each require holding down shift, and are a key apart, so there's low chance of hitting them accidentally. Also now when the action menu is shown, it shows "s" for report spam and "d" for delete which works, but "!" and "#" will also work in the action menu

Message read commands Edit

  • u - back to mailbox (R)
  • r - reply to message (R)
  • a - reply all to message (R)
  • w - forward message (R)
  • g - show goto menu (R)
  • shift-i - show external images if disabled due to webbugs
  • shift-f - toggle text/html format view

Compose screen commands Edit

  • Ctrl-M - run Format action on entire message (if no text selected), or on currently selected text (if text selected)
  • Tab - selects the Send button, and then Enter or Space (only Space works in Opera as of this writing) sends the message (does not work when using "Edit as New" in Opera, but in Firefox, Space (but not Enter) does work in "Edit as New")

Mailbox message selector commands Edit

(These are all 2 key combinations, * followed by a letter within 1 second)

  • *a - select all on page (M)
  • *n - unselect all on page (M)
  • *A - select all in folder/search (M)
  • *N - unselect all in folder/search (M)
  • *r - select all read messages on page (M)
  • *u - select all unread messages on page (M)
  • *f - select all flagged message on page (M)
  • *g - select all unflagged messages on page (M)

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