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Chat Service Edit

FastMail is now running a Jabber server for all users. Jabber is an open-standard instant messaging protocol (also known as XMPP).

You can read more about Jabber here:

Our Jabber service is configured to allow S2S (server to server) communications, so you can use your email address as an instant messaging address and connect to users of other XMPP compatible chat systems (including google talk, livejournal, and of course

Chat Connection Settings Edit

Please see below for how to configure some common Jabber clients. If your client is not listed below, you can use the following settings to connect to the chat service:

  • Jabber ID: your full username, e.g. ''
  • Username: your username without the domain, e.g. 'brong'
  • Domain: your domain, e.g. ''
  • Password: your password
  • Host:
  • Port: 5222 (plain text and encrypted with STARTTLS), 5223 (legacy SSL)
  • Authentication: plain text (SASL is currently not supported)

Some firewalls will block connections to standard Jabber ports (i.e. 5222 and 5223). In such cases, you can try to connect to any port (access to ports 80, 443 and 8080 is likely to be open) on one of the following chat proxies:

  • (plain text and encrypted with STARTTLS)
  • (legacy SSL)

Chat Clients Edit

Here are some clients you might want to use:

Pidgin (Linux/BSD, Windows) Edit

Previously known as Gaim.

 * Protocol: XMPP
 * Username: Your username, e.g. 'brong'
 * Domain: Your domain, e.g. ''
 * Resource: Whatever you want, it's a "location" thing. So "Home", "Work", "Laptop" - whatever.
  • Setup: Advanced
 * Require SSL/TLS: checked if you want security
 * Connect server:

You will only need to set the connect server if you want to use secure connections. If you don't, you will get certificate authenticity warnings. It will still connect, because we publish the correct SRV records, but Pidgin will rightfully complain. There's a big discussion going on right now (late 2008) on the Pidgin mailing list about it.

Fixing SSL Certificate Errors for Pidgin on Windows

Pidgin 2.10.7 (and possibly prior versions) for Windows does not ship with the DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA certificate and will refuse to connect to with the following error: "The certificate for could not be validated. The certificate chain presented is invalid."

The solution is to export the required certificate from the Windows certificate store and copy it to the Pidgin certificate folder. The following steps have been tested on Windows XP Home Edition and Windows 8 Professional 64-bit.

  1. Go to the Control Panel and open "Internet Properties"
  2. Select the "Content" tab and click on "Certificates"
  3. Select the "Trusted Root Certification Authorties" tab
  4. Select "DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA" and click "Export"
  5. Click "Next" to Continue
  6. Select "Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER)" as the export format and click "Next"
  7. Enter "DigiCertHighAssurance_EV_CA" as the "File name"
  8. Save the file in your "My Documents" folder and then click "Next" and then "Finish" to export the certificate
  9. Rename the exported certificate from "DigiCertHighAssurance_EV_CA.cer" to "DigiCertHighAssurance_EV_CA.pem" (make sure Windows is set to display file extensions for known file types)
  10. Move the exported certificate to the "ca-certs" directory within the Pidgin program files folder ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Pidgin\ca-certs\" or "C:\Program Files\Pidgin\ca-certs\")
  11. Import complete. Pidgin will now connect to without any SSL Errors

Kopete (Linux/BSD) Edit

  • Under Tab "Basic Setup"
  * JabberID (or, or whatever you use)
  * Password ****
  • Under Tab "Connection"
  * Server:, Port 5223
  * Authentication Settings: Kopete, Priority 5  (that is, leave the defaults)

jabber.el (Emacs) Edit

(setq jabber-account-list
      (""                                        ; replace this with your email address
       (:connection-type . ssl)
       (:network-server . "")
       (:password . "mypassword")                              ; replace this with your password
       (:port . 5223))))

Psi (Windows, Macintosh, Linux/Unix) Edit

 * Jabber ID: Your full login, e.g. ''
  • Setup: Connection
 * Manually Specify Server Host/Port: checked
 * Host:

Miranda (Windows only) Edit

  • Url:
  • Miranda menu -> Options -> Network (in tree) -> Jabber (sub-item) -> Account (tab):
* Username: Your username, e.g. 'brong'
* Resource: Whatever you want, it's a "location" thing. So "Home", "Work", "Laptop" - whatever.
* Login server: Your domain, e.g. ''
* Use SSL: Checked
  • Expert
* Manually specify connection host:
 * Host:
 * Port: 5223

Adium (Macintosh) Edit

* Jabber ID:
  • Settings
* Server:
* Allow plaintext authentification: unchecked
* Force old SSL encryption: unchecked
* Needs SSL/TLS: checked
* Check certificates: unchecked

iChat (Mac Only) Edit

Launch iChat, go to the iChat menu and click Preferences. In the Preferences dialog, click the Accounts tab at the top, then at the bottom of the dialog click the '+' button to create a new account. For the account type choose Jabber, then enter your username and password, this is the same username and password you use to login to the fastmail web mail. Expand the server settings section by clicking on it, then for the server enter ''. Then click Done and you should be signed in automatically.

Chatopus (Palm OS) Edit

* Server Address:
* Username: your name without ''
* Host:
* Use Secure Connection (SSL): checked

Xabber (Android) Edit

  • First add an account using basic settings:
Password: your password
  • Xabber will try to connect, and that will fail. You will need to set some custom settings to the newly created account.
  • Settings that should already be ok:
Username: username
Custom host: should be checked
TLS/SSL usage: should be Enable TLS
Use compression: may not be checked
  • Settings that must be set:
Port: 5222
Use SASL Authentication: may not be checked
  • Xabber will raise a notification, warning you about an invalid certificate. If you click Yes, the connection should succeed.

Others Edit

There's a good list available on, here:


  • Meebo is a web-based application, running an instant messaging service inside a browser window.
  • Url:


  • As at 23/Jan/2009, Digsby current has an issue that means it won't work with the FM chat server. We've spoken with Digsby about this, and the next version of Digsby will include a fix to allow it to work with the FM char server. According to Digsby, the next version: "No ETA yet - most likely a few weeks."

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